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Interesting fact

I once died and love nothing more than a good paddle in my canoe.


Rob started in Chef Recruitment in 1999. In this time he learnt much about what makes a good recruiter, but more importantly, what doesn’t! Armed with this knowledge and with a view to set up a Hospitality desk he joined the Platinum team in April 2006. Before his life as a recruiter, Rob worked as a chef but decided it was safer for the culinary community if he left the kitchen environment!  Since Robs first day in the office, much has changed.  He has now been promoted to Partner and is the longest serving team member.

Rob now oversees all things compliance and ensures the company is kept up to date with any legal requirements; meaning that we can continue providing recruitment excellence.


Many people will be surprised or even shocked to learn that when I’m not in the office I’m not the easy going, laid back, happy go lucky chap they speak to on the phone. When not in work I try to spend as much time as I can with the most important things in my life – namely my Kayak and Canoe and of course my family (mainly my boats though). Being a slightly bullied father to three wonderful daughters who never cease in their quest to inflict ever increasing levels of anxiety on me, I can often be found paddling out into the middle of a big old lake for some peace and quiet or down a nice bumpy river to get the blood pumping.

Why Platinum

Having worked with these guys for as long as I have, it’s a really difficult answer to give! Not because I can’t think of any particular reason, its simply that there are too many to write. As a company it genuinely does feel like family (I know it’s cheesy but it’s true) and everyone knows that they are part of it. There are the obvious ‘work’ reasons that it’s a good place to be of course but it genuinely is different here at Platinum – and in a good way.

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