Hospitality employers are looking for a certain range of skills. They are looking for a candidate that can show impeccable customer service and will add value to their company. Read on to learn how to wow your potential employer with an excellent CV and get your foot through the door! 

Front of House Hospitality Job CV’s

It is imperative that you communicate clearly your ability to provide customer service. You will be expected to greet and serve a whole range of different customers. You will also be expected to work hard and long. In your CV, tell your potential employer you can:

  • Provide service with a smile, in a polite and friendly manner (even under pressure!)
  • Work as a team
  • Be flexible in their working shifts and patterns

If you are applying for a higher-level hospitality job, such as a hotel manager position, consider examples of:

  • How you manage a team
  • Promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Staff training
  • Report budgets and progress


Back of House and Chef Job CV’s

If you are applying for a catering job or chef job in the back of the restaurant, you will need to display a slightly different skill set. Include in your CV:

  • Your cooking proficiency level. Be sure to include any qualifications you have achieved.
  • How you perform under pressure. Include examples of high pressured working situations to demonstrate how you manage stress and high workloads.
  • Your ability to maintain a clean and organised working area. Mention any food hygiene certificates you may have attained.


Career History

Include any relevant experience you have to the hospitality job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a concierge position, talk about any bar work experience you have. Explain how this might have helped build your confidence communicating and serving a range of different customers.

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