Happy teams are what every manager dreams of. But, how are they achieved?

The success of a leader lies in the happiness of their staff. Unlike Valentine’s Day, showing love to employees shouldn’t be restricted to just one day in the calendar.

A recent study by OfficeVibe stresses the importance of openly appreciating your staff, with 69% saying they would work harder if they felt more appreciated within their roles.

Read our key tips for being an awesome manager, who focuses on keeping their team shining, allowing them to enjoy work and produce amazing results.

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Praise, Praise, Praise

Teambuilding For Happy Teams

Communication is Key

Incentives for Employees



It is your job, you don’t need praise for doing your job.”

Here are 2 reasons why we dislike the above statement:

1. Improvement and growth to meet an expectation should always be praised, regardless of how big or small the development. Hard work should be identified, celebrated and promoted!

2. Words of affirmation can be the primary boost of productivity for many. Not all team members emotionally need at the same level, and managers shouldn’t assume so.


You can always count on a game or team-building exercise to get those endorphins rushing. Not only does it allow your employees to socialise, but it also encourages networking, collaboration, innovation, creativity, employee engagement and morale.

Learn more about teambuilding exercises and how they can benefit your company here.


I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” – Albert Einstein

Consistent, detailed communication, no matter who you are speaking to, is a crucial part of keeping a happy team. By setting the tone for communication and transparency, you are encouraging debate, honest feedback and new ideas.

Need help with communication? Our compliance team can give you a hand.


Nothing says ‘I appreciate you’ more than a Starbucks gift card. Okay, maybe that’s a mild exaggeration, but people do love their Starbucks! 

Whether it’s free caffeinated drinks, a team lunch at a popular eatery, tech gadgets or retail vouchers, rewards and incentives have benefits for both employers and employees. Gestures to show recognition for performance and productivity have been proven to boost happiness within the workplace.


In conclusion, teams are more productive when they’re happy.

There are many more ways to stimulate happiness within the workplace. So, for Valentine’s Day (and every other day of the year), discover ways that work for your business to show your team a little love.

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