It’s that dreaded part of every interview: “So, do you have questions for us?”. Resist the temptation to shy away because this is an important opportunity! Read on to discover the best questions to impress your interviewer and find key information to learn if this is the right role for you.

Chef Job Interviews

Restaurants can be a stressful environment, so it is crucial to learn as much as you can about your potential processes in the future. Some key questions for a chef job interview may be:

How often menus change? The answer will explain if this is a restaurant that sticks to its traditional staples or is it keen to innovate regularly.

What kind of customers do you receive?Different sizes and specialities of restaurants cater to different clientele. Ask this question to figure out what their needs and wants might be. This also shows your knowledge and interest in customer service.

What is your favourite cuisine? – You and your interviewer have at least one shared interest: food! Talk with your interviewer on a personal level about cuisines that you are both passionate about.

Hospitality Job Interviews

Even if you are applying for a lower-level catering or hospitality job, your potential employers may be looking for a candidate who is enthusiastic to excel within the company. Below are a few questions that will help you decide if the role is a positive step in the right direction for your career:

What is your management style? – This is a key question to establish what the environment at this hotel is like – is it team-oriented and collaborative or driven and intense?

What is the typical career path for someone in this job?This is a crucial point to identify if this company is a place where you can grow your career in hospitality. Additionally, ask what training they might provide to help you take your next steps up the ladder.

Is there anything I have mentioned or on my CV which concerns you?This is a great way to directly address any potential issues. They may mention a lack of experience or a mismatched expected salary. Use this opportunity to show you can take constructive criticism and convince them why you are still the best candidate!

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