Event work is becoming increasingly popular with university students.

Recent studies show that 1,000,000 people work in the live events industry in the UK*. 

Offering employees not only greater flexibility than permanent contracts; event work also provides competitive rates of weekly pay including holiday pay, CV-worthy experience, and last, but most definitely not least, an enjoyable work environment.  

If you are asking yourself, why would I do temporary event work? What is in it for me? Is temping bad for my career? We are here to answer all your burning questions! 

Event work is often temporary and has varying contract lengths. You may be required to work a single day or one-off event, or alternatively, an ongoing seasonal/period event. The beauty of temporary event work is that the choice is yours! 

We offer temporary event work at nationwide venues including event spaces, music venues, football stadiums and many more. Whether you are a student looking for work to fit around your studies, or a graduate not sure what to do next, event work is a great option and something you should consider.

Can’t wait to get started?


It is hardly a surprise that making money, especially as a student, is arguably the number one reason anyone goes to work. For some, it is the difference between 50p instant noodles for dinner or a slap-up, M&S bought 3-course feast right before the student loan drops.

Event work can be the open door to earning money quickly. Not only are our pay rates competitive and paid weekly, we also pay annual leave by the hours you work, so you never miss out! What is more? We offer a cash referral scheme, which means you get paid when your mates work for us! Pretty cool, huh?

Want to find out how you too can earn up to £250 with no cap? Click here. 


Going travelling in 2 months’ time? Starting your dream graduate job next month? Looking for a summer season job after a year of lectures and group presentations? Fill up your available time, and your piggy bank, by working on your terms. 

An obvious benefit of temporary event work is the flexibility it offers. Whether you decide to pick up 40 hours one week and none the next, or grab a last-minute shift on a Sunday evening, the choice is yours.


One of the great things about temporary event work is that it often requires minimal experience!

Okay, you are not just going to walk into an events coordinator role with no prior experience, but, we have a bunch of entry-level jobs available. You can learn the ropes as you go, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and network!

Our temp staff work for us time and time again, in a number of roles, at many venues, all the while strengthening their professional development.

Start building your CV with event experience by clicking below.


Would you rather earn your cash while a part of the action at a bunch of events throughout the summer, or in an office? Making the same commute, working the same hours, living for the weekend… The question is easy. For some people, a desk in an office is perfect, but, we both know you need more. 

You need the cheers of an encore at a concert.

Want the chants coming from the stands at a football match.

Crave the cackling laughter of a comedy gig at your favourite venue.


If you’re a student looking to earn money, Platinum is here to help. We go above and beyond to ensure you reap every benefit temporary event work has to offer. We show the utmost care for the welfare of all our temporary workers, and we know what it is like to do event work first-hand. Just ask our Regional Team’s very own Talent Acquisition and Digital Marketing Assistant, Sian. 

“During my time at university, I worked as a Bartender at live music event venues in Southampton. I met some very interesting people, saw so many great artists and bands (I even met a few), and earned my money doing something I loved!”  Sian Davey, Talent Acquisition and Digital Marketing Assistant

Want to learn more about Sian and the rest of the Platinum Team? Click here

So, there you have it folks. 4 reasons why event work is perfect for students. If you like the sound of having fun while earning and learning on your own time, give us a call at 01202 203157, or alternatively, complete the short form at the top of this blog.

Source: *Quadrant2Design.

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