Recruitment agencies often promote that they can find you the best candidates that will turn into your best employees. But how can we define ‘good employees’?

Of course, qualifications and experience are vital, but to create a productive and positive working environment, you’ll need to hire employees with the right soft skills. If you have a pile of CVs full of tired buzzwords like ‘trustworthy’ and ‘hard-working’, it can be hard to decipher which future employee is the best choice for your catering or hospitality job role.

Fortunately, there are clear and quantifiable qualities that make a person an excellent employee. Here are the 5 characteristics that we believe you should look out for:

1. Goal getter
People who have clear goals and aspirations tend to have a strong work ethic and determination to get things done right. If this type of person has applied for your position, it’s likely that they come across focused and driven in their CV and during the interview process.

2. Positivity
Nobody wants the workplace to have a negative atmosphere. That’s why it’s so important to hire candidates with a positive attitude. Positivity among teams increases productivity by improving energy levels and reducing stress.

3. Effective communicator
Communication is a soft skill many people might forget to mention in their CV or at an interview but don’t underestimate this important characteristic. Learn how candidates communicate with their colleagues and managers and ensure it meets your expectations.

4. Self-starter
A self-starter has a natural sense of initiative and requires little direction from their supervisors. Self-starters are recognised as confident people that can demonstrate their enthusiasm to complete a task.

5. Team-player
Someone who is team orientated will be able to collaborate and work effectively in a group of people. Which in turn, helps the business succeed in their projects. Team players are also reliable and adaptable and are always willing to support their colleagues.

Every business has its own unique needs, so it can be useful to use recruitment agencies that specialise in your industry to find the calibre of candidates you require.

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