Recruiting for a new position can be a long process and finding the right candidate to fill a role can be a challenge.

Hospitality recruitment can be especially challenging with a retention rate of just 70% (Deputy ‘Retaining Britain’s Hospitality Workers’, 2018). If businesses are aiming for increased staff retention and high-quality employees, a streamlined hiring process is the first step to success. We have put together 4 steps to improve the catering and hospitality recruitment process.

1. Write a job description

Write a job description that reflects the exact duties the new employee will be undertaking in the hospitality or catering job. If you are mis-selling the position to them, they might not feel the position is right for them when they start. It’s also important to make the level of experience and skills required clear from the get-go. This will improve the number of job applications with relevant skills.

2. Find the right candidates and screen them

Think quality over quantity when it comes to the number of job applications you receive. Advertising on online job boards and then pouring over CV’s can be very time consuming and costly. Working with an experienced and specialist hospitality recruitment agency is a cost-effective and efficient way of finding top-quality applicants.

Platinum Recruitment screens each applicant before they are put forward for an interview. We will often call the candidate to discuss the role and then make a recommendation based on their skills and experience. Hospitality and catering recruitment agencies also have a pool of eager candidates ready for hospitality jobs.

3. Interviewing

If a hospitality recruitment agency has recommended a candidate, you will already have a clear idea of their experience. You will also have an interview planned by the recruiter, at a time that suits you and the candidate.

Use interviews as an opportunity to discuss the potential candidate’s experience. Asking a few competencies based questions is an effective strategy. Interviewing is a great way to get to know the candidate personally. For instance, how do they spend their time outside of work? This will help determine whether they are a good fit for the business’s culture.

4. Offering the job

Before you make an offer, make sure you check with the potential candidates on what their expected salary is. Remember, they may have received other offers too. When you make the offer be sure to send a job offer letter outlining everything you are offering, including job perks and holiday allowances. Once the job offer has been made, the recruitment agency will handle the paperwork and prepare the business for the new employee’s onboarding.

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