On the hunt for work in Brighton? Located on the south coast, just 50 miles from London, Brighton has recently been crowned the happiest place to live and work in the UK according to research by the job board, CV Library.

Brighton is exciting, multicultural, and vibrant. A city that is both large enough to contain everything you could want… yet compact enough to still feel like a tight-knit community.’ *Plumber Parsons

In this article, we’re going to talk through 3 of the most fun hospitality jobs you can land in Brighton. Points covered:

Why Hospitality? – The perks are a plenty

Bartender – Are you outgoing, creative and inquisitive?

Waiter/waitress – The floor is your stage

Retail Staff – Right in the action

Event work in Brighton – You wouldn’t want to miss out


As a Brightonian, you’re probably aware of the great things Brighton has to offer. What you may not know, however, is the opportunity to earn money on your own terms with flexible hospitality shifts right in the heart of the city.

If you’re ready to hit the hospitality scene, it’s important to understand the perks temporary hospitality work can provide… and the perks are plenty!

Offering employees not only greater flexibility than permanent contracts; flexible hospitality work also provides competitive rates of weekly pay including holiday pay, CV-worthy experience, and last, but most definitely not least, a fun work environment. 

Interested in finding out about the top 3 fun hospitality jobs for you? Read below for more!

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Certain personality types and skill sets fit certain lines of work. The job of a bartender is perfect for those who are ambitious, outgoing, creative, inquisitive, and patient. It’s a career that has numerous rewarding benefits.

Working directly with customers, mixing and serving drinks orders, bartenders will meet people from all walks of life. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economics or gender, the bar is a place where everyone is welcome. This can give you the opportunity to forge incredible friendships you would have never encountered otherwise.

Not only is behind the bar the perfect place to make friends, but it also will allow you the opportunity to improve your drink-mixing and cocktail-shaking skills, earn tips and build confidence. You’re the most important person in the bar… Without you, the party wouldn’t be going ahead!


Similarly to bartending, each work day as a waiter/waitress is different. Expect the unexpected when welcoming a variety of customers into the venue each day.

Unlike bartending, the floor is yours. A bartender’s stage is usually set in the confines of the bar itself, whereas you get the run of the entire venue. Not only is there more freedom to serve at tables and chat with customers, but waiting staff gain more rounded knowledge of drinks service and food service as they also work closely with the team in the kitchen.

Considering bartender or waiting staff work in Brighton? You could be earning, learning and having fun in various venues around the city.


Inexperienced in the hospitality industry? Retail could be the role to kickstart your hospitality career or even just to earn extra on the weekends.

Considered an entry-level role, retail is a great option due to the training offered pre-shift. Not only this, but retail staff often return because it’s a fun job! Why? Serving snacks and beverages over the counter at high-profile events across the country, from football matches and live music events to horse racing and classic car festivals, retail allows you to work and experience the atmosphere right in the action.

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It’s clear to see that Brighton is bursting with opportunities for budding hospitality professionals. So, what’s your next move?

Whether you’re keen to take the floor as waiting staff, experience the atmosphere as retail staff, or get pouring, shaking and stirring as a bartender, click here to register for hospitality work in Brighton today.

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